We found him together, we saved him together and now we want to restore it. Together. The infamous van from '61 has, which for the last 30 years, layed abandoned in a river bed, deserves to get back on the road. With a new mission - to clench the thirst of everyone who'll help bring him back to life
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Seeking funding

This project will only be funded if €15000 or more is pledged before 2017-04-01 00:00 Europe/Ljubljana.

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Matej Špehar

In pivo veritas!


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Beer Bulli

  • Finding an appropriate vehicle for a restoration/Iskanje primernega vozila za predelavo
  • Rescuing the vehicle from the river bed/Reševanje vozila iz rečne struge
  • Exploring the vehicle's documentation history/Raziskovanje zgodovine ustrezne dokumentacije vozila
  • Temporary reconstruction/Zasilna rekonstrukcija vozila
  • Putting the vehicle onto a pair of wheels/Postavitev vozila na kolesa
  • Set up a webpage www.beerbulli.si/Postavljena spletna stran projekta www.beerbulli.si
  • Incorporating Beer Bulli as a company/Ustanovitev pravne osebe, zavoda Beer Bulli
  • Party at the start of the Adrifund campaign/Zabava ob zagonu Adrifund kampanje
  • Cleaning and taking the vehicle apart/Čiščenje in razstavljanje vozila
  • Purchasing spare parts/Nabava nadomestnih delov
  • Reconstruction of the vehicle/Rekonstrukcija vozila
  • Sheet metal and painting works/Kleparska in ličarska dela
  • Inserting an engine/Vgraditev motorja
  • Electro and other installations/Elektro in ostale inštalacije
  • Sorting the documents, approving and registering the vehicle/Urejanje dokumentov, homologacija in registracija vozila
  • Installing the taps, surf-counter and catering equipment/Inštalacija gostinske opreme, pivskih pip in surf šanka
  • A party in honor of the return of a legend/Zabava ob vrnitvi legende polne piva

Further Information

It rested for 30 years. First as a tool shed, in the middle of a field, with no wheels on a couple of bricks. Then the river Rižana carried him into its bed, where it was consumed by nature. Last summer we rescued him and put him back onto his wheels. This summer, we're getting him back onto the record, with your help. With a special mission, that will make any beer lover happy. He will become a Beer Bulli - a van full of beer, with beer taps on his side.

You can see our inspiration on the picture above, and Australian van. Such vans first appeared in Brazil as pubs on wheels. In Brazil, the van was being produced up until the 80's.

The van is intended for anyone who a different kind of a birthday party, a business event, a wedding celebration or any other kind of fun. The VW T1, more commonly referred to as "the hippie van" is already the sexiest van of all but if we add a few beer taps and a counter on its side and beer kegs on the inside, we get the star of any real party.

We found him in a really poor condition. If he was to lay there a few more years, the nature would of have gotten the best of him.

Check out the video of his rescue, where it was almost taken right in front of our eyes. The short film, "Saving Private Bulli", brought in huge amounts of views on Beer Bulli's Facebook site and on VW meetings of old-timers, where we transformed the van into a mini cinema. Even now, in its battered-up condition, Beer Bulli is a big attraction, because no one can believe that it still hasn't fallen apart.

Our VW T1 has a very interesting history. All the people that drove him, how was behind the wheel, which countries has he seen, how many miles has he left behind him and what everything was going on inside him? Here's a quick summary: He was born in 1961 in Wolfsburg, Germany. The first 10 years of his life remain a mystery. Eventually he was bought by Albin Oblak, a mechanic and caterer from Rižana, who used him to transport vegetables into Ljubljana. In the 80's he was given to a local farmer, who used him as a tool shed in the middle of the field. Sometime around then was also when he got those bullet holes from firearms. In the 90's, the river Rižana flooded the small village and carried the van away, into its bed. Once he was stuck there, he was carried deeper and deeper into the river bed with every rain that came. And so, he waited for 30 years, to get rescued. Until last summer.

Welcome back to the present. Time for action! The van will have to be completely torn apart, restore what's worth doing so, buy new parts, but the van back together, insert the engine, add machinery and electro installations, do some sheet metal work, paint it, sort out the documentation, install the catering equipment, install the taps, fill the kegs with happiness and then... it will be ready for you.

Impossible? Well, it's true, such an operation isn't just a walk in the park but we have a team, with lots of experience on restoring old-timers. Tadej Korošec and his crew from a specialized company CRC restorations, have many times proven, that everything is possible. Not in half an hour, like all the famous American TV shows about restorations like to show us, of course. But, with the right energy, inspiration and knowledge obstacles become nothing but a mere challenge, that has to be done.

In the year that I've been working on this project I've often been told to not be crazy, that this won't work out, that the match doesn't line up, that the investment would be too big, that you can't make a vehicle out of that thing anymore and that I'll eventually quit. But Matej Špehar has 43 years of crazy stories, victories and experiences. Fails as well, naturally, but he always got back up. We'll go all the way on this one as well!

We don't have the heart, to just take the van that we rescued to a scrapyard. It would be like finding an under-fed kitten, about to die, saving it from the sewer, take a few pictures of it, make a selfie and then throw it back in for it to drown. We are certain, that with a team effort, we can get him back on the road after many decades and he can pay us off by bringing beer to your garden party, a farewell party, or any other event. It's a dream of any beer lover to pour his own beer and that's what Beer Bulli will let you do.

We require 15000€! It's a huge number, but that's only a quarter of the total cost, that's needed to get Beer Bulli up and running. Another quarter will be my own money and a half will come from our sponsors. You can check all the math details on the webpage.

Can we do it? Yes we can! That was the slogan of Bob the Builder and it's also the slogan of Beer Bulli, a veteran, that deserves a new life after being abandoned. We can get it back on the road together and when it'll drive past you, it won't just honk. Oh, no. It'll pull over and serve you a cold beer because we don't take enough time to spend with ourselves, our friends and beer! Cheers!

Online garage: Beer Bulli
Facebook workshop: Beer Bulli
Twitter counter: Beer Bulli
Instagram beauty: Beer Bulli

Matej Špehar

In pivo veritas!

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CMO @adrifund

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Boris Tomažin

Prodaja vozil in vse povezano z vozili....

Seeking funding

This project will only be funded if €15000 or more is pledged before 2017-04-01 00:00 Europe/Ljubljana.

Fund this project


raised of €15,000 goal.


days to go.


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