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Beer Bulli

Remaking the sexiest van of all, the VW hippy van, into a pub…
47% Funded
41% Completed
€7,084 Pledged
36 days to go

Short live-action film In the Black Hole

We want to create our first short live-action film and we need…
106% Funded
35% Completed
€850 Pledged

People are sheep by Tomaž Caserman

I would like to publish a book that will change your world view...
101% Funded
57% Completed
€3,021 Pledged

Pasji kokos – odlična dopolnilna hrana za zdravo pasje življenje!

Z vašo podporo bomo dosegli, da bo izdelek na voljo vsem…
115% Funded
100% Completed
€921 Pledged

Slikanica 7 ujetih junakov avtorice Mateje Debeljak

Z vašo pomočjo želimo izdati ljubko slikanico, ki na…
113% Funded
100% Completed
€3,392 Pledged

Phototrailer (Fotoprikolica)

I am converting a camp trailer into a fun photo trailer. Help…
106% Funded
100% Completed
€3,591 Pledged

Tomcat album Something's comin' on wrong

Support the young Slovenian hard rock act
124% Funded
100% Completed
€1,117 Pledged

Briljantina (Grease) and Abba hand in hand

Rock'n'Roll formation Briljantina teens to the top…
123% Funded
100% Completed
€2,456 Pledged

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